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What is Digital Marketing and why Digital Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing is a process of displaying and advertising a company’s product in the best possible manner.

Marketing is of two types;

Physical Marketing

Virtual Marketing(Digital Marketing)

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a marketing technique that involves the usage of digital media such as the Internet and wireless medium for Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, and Loyalty of a product and company.

It involves:

Mobile marketing
Email marketing
Affiliate marketing
Pay per click transaction
Social media marketing
Search engine optimization
Google ad-words
Content marketing

Online Reputation Management

Website marketing
Digital Marketing is preferred by its ability to target mass people in a personalized manner

Mobile marketing: It is a process of marketing through mobile via MMS, SMS, emails, social media, etc.
Email Marketing: It is an activity of sending mails or commercial messages to many people via emails.

Affiliate Marketing: Running of an advertisement on any other platform to enhance sales.
Pay Per click transactions: In this advertiser pays every time his ads are being clicked.
Social Media Marketing: It involves the sharing of advertisements over social platforms to gain more customers.
Search Engine Optimization: It is a process of optimizing your website according to the keyword to rank our website at the top, this process is referred to as Organic results.
Google Ad-words: It is a method in which we pay google some amount to rank our websites at the top, it is referred to as Inorganic results.
Content Marketing: Providing content to users in the form of videos, text, images, etc. to make them aware or interested in the product.
Website Marketing: It is a process of using the Internet to market your business. It includes a search engine, emails, blogging, etc.
For example, Adidas company need to sell their shoes and they want to marketize their product digitally for this company need to hire a digital marketer who can optimize their website according to the keyword searched by the user for this SEO is required. They can go for affiliate marketing as well, they can run there ads on social networking websites and can gather traffic from there also.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing


The targeted audience can be reached
Online Sales
Internet marketing results can be measured

Campaigns are very easy to copy
Illiterate people cannot be reached
Difference between Traditional and Digital marketing

Traditional-It was quite expensive
Digital- It is cheaper as compared to traditional.
Traditional- It involves usage of newspaper, televisions, etc
Digital – It involves Digital medium such as the internet and wireless technology.
Traditional- It was one way only
Digital- It is two-way buyer can share, respond and act to it
Traditional – The reach was nationwide only
Digital -The reach here is Global or International
Traditional -Bigger brands can afford Global reach only
Digital – Reaching global is common.

Traffic Acquisition Channels
Search Engine
Display Advertising
Social Media
Affiliate marketing
Email marketing

Ques} How can you represent your website at the top when searching for a keyword by a user?
Ans} You can represent your website at the top in two ways:
a) Search engine optimization: By optimizing your website according to the keyword, you can rate your website at the top on search engine by using ‘Keyword Planner Tool’. It is an ‘organic way’ in which we are not required to pay any amount.
b)Google Ad-words: If we cannot optimize our website, then by google ad-words we can rank our website at the top by paying some amount to Google. It is ‘inorganic way’ in which we have to pay some amount to Google

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Why Digital Marketing?

What Digital exactly means?

Being into Digital nowadays means having a foothold in Industry. India is moving Digital so why don’t your business should be?

We are here to help you out and expand your business by propagating your business concepts on the Internet.

Going digital means that you fully understand how your audience uses technology to access what they need, at the right time. It means showing the right thing just in time, rather than just in case

What Digital Agencies Do?

A digital enterprise is an organization that uses technology as a competitive advantage in its internal and external operations. As more business processes, products and business models are transformed by digitized information, the term will continue to evolve. Digital teams are responsible for developing, testing, and implementing a strategy to reach and engage target audiences through digital channels like web, mobile, and social. Digital Agency is what corporates need but there is less supply to it. Here we try to do what the corporate sector exactly needs.

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Removal of Black Economy
When the transactions are made digitally, they can be easily monitored.
Increase in Revenues.
Customer Orientation is easy.
Marketing is broader in Digital platforms


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