Lead Generation

Lead Generation

What is a lead

Today any business cannot survive without customers and leads. Every business needs a lead to growth in the market. So what is a lead and why is it so necessary?

Lead is any person who is interested in your business or services.

What is Lead generation

Lead generation is the process of generating leads or inquiries for the business.

Why is lead generation important

Lead generation is a basic need for the survival of a business in the long term

How can we generate Leads

There may be several methods to generate leads some of them are as under:

·      Social media– Social media is a place where all your customers reside nowadays so it may be a good method to generate an inquiry. Social media may include various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

·      Email marketing– Email marketing is marketing through emails and it may also be used to generate leads for the business.

·      Search engine It is evident that today people search anything and everything on a search engine, it may include Google, Bing, etc.

·      Affiliate marketing– Affiliate marketing is listing your product on other websites, So, it can also be used to generate leads.

·      Word of mouth– It may also play a major role in the generation of leads locally.

Steps involved in the Lead generation process

· Offer– Giving offers is the first step in the process of lead generation. Every people today are looking for offers so if you can provide them one they may consider you.

            Offers may be such as giving physical products or Free seminars or Discount vouchers etc.

·      Landing page-A Landing page is a second step involved in the process after someone sees your offering it may click on your link and landing page will be the page where will he land. The landing page is a summary of your company on just one page. There may be two types of landing pages and that are- 

a) Squeeze page– It is a type of landing page where you yell about your offers and services briefly. It may include an embedded form from where a customer can reach you.

b) Warmup page- It is a page where you describe your company properly. It may include various services you offer.


 Conversion Rate optimization

Is generating a lead is only a solution? No, after generation of leads you need to convert their mind to take your product. If a company gets high leads but can’t convert them to take their services then it may be vain to generate leads.

You may need a proper team that can convert a lead into a conversion.

Now there may be two methods by which we can increase our sales and ultimately our profit and i.e

a) Expend more and bring huge traffic so in this case there may be a greater chance of sales. If 1000 person is visiting you it may be possible that around 100 people may take your product.

b) The second way in High conversion rate that means if 200 people also are visiting you can turn around 100 people’s minds to take your services and this may involve lesser expenditure than the first and this method is only called CRO i.e. Conversion Rate Optimization.


Types of Lead

There are two types of lead:

· Qualified leads

· Nonqualified leads

Qualified leads– It is the lead or the person that was searching for services like your offers. They have searched on the search engine about the keyword of your niche and from there they have got you. It is much easier to convert Qualified lead into a customer

Nonqualified leads– These leads are difficult to convert than Qualified leads because they weren’t searching for your service but they viewed your ad onto any platform such as social media or anywhere and from there they have reached us, In this case, the customer isn’t aware of you and services that we may offer but in Qualified the customer is already in the phase of Interested he just need to be converted on purchase from interested.

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