Content Marketing





                                                   Content is king written on a paper


   “Content is supposed to be the KING”

Without content any organization cannot work, they have to market fresh contents to target their customers from time to time. It is the content only upon which companies target their customers and content should be innovated from time to time according to preferences of the customers.


Content consists of three things:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos


Definition: Content is considered as ‘Strategic Marketing Approach’ for creating, awaring and educating the terms of Product or Services to the customers so that they can consider it and take next step in marketing process.

  • TEXT: It is the written form of content where customer has to read the content to know about any product or service.
  • IMAGES: It is in graphical format educating customers in and out about product or services. Images should attract the customer and he should be stimulated to buy a product.
  • VIDEOS: It is an animated graphical form which is marketing about product or services through animated visual representation. Using videos in content is not a new thing but describing and educating customers through videos has larger impact on the mind of the customers.

You can use videos to :

Share your views,

It can be testimonials,

You can describe your product,

It can be case studies and much more.


  • Educating customers about the Product or Services
  • It is ongoing process which organization has to repeat several times
  • It is necessary to be done to retain customers
  • Content should be appealing and attractive at the same time
  • Content shouldn’t be only approaching to sell the product or services
  • Take a niche, and explore your content accordingly describing it.


  • Help in getting leads for your business
  • Increase the chance of your website to be at the top as google like fresh content so if you feed good you automatically rank.
  • Help in increasing sales as by content the customers are knowledgeable about the product
  • Help in increasing Social media following as to get updates customer subscribes you.
  • Content assists customers to make a correct decision.


                 WHAT ARE BLOGS

Blogs are the content which you write selecting any niche. It can be text, Images or Videos. Blogger is a person who writes Blog .Blog may varies from blogger to blogger.It can be travel blog, food blog, technology related blog or many more.

Blog is done for several purposes which may include :

  • Case studies: Blog may be created on several case studies.
  • Sharing views: Blog can be also done for sharing new experiences from time to time.
  • Product reviews: Blog may also created for sharing opinions about newly used gadgets or other technology related


Ques: What is the difference between Blogs and Vlogs?

Ans:    Blogs are broader concept than vlogs.

         Blogs consists of text, images and videos

         Whereas Vlogs are related to videos content


Ques: What are EBOOKS?

Ans:  E-books are digital books in the form of text, images and Videos that can be accessed on digital devices such as Computers and mobiles.

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